Graham Coxon Screen Caps

This is a super love blog for the wonderful Graham Leslie Coxon. I've been a fan for more years than I care to mention (oh dear...)

So basically I had a load of vids saved up from many years of fandom. I wanted to take screen caps to capture the loveliness. I enjoy searching blogs for new pics and I wanted to share what I had with whoever may be interested. I'm sure a lot of them already exist out there somewhere but it will give me great pleasure to post them here.

Of course the other Blur boys are not excluded from my attentions. But GC will always be my number one.

My other loves may pop up here and there. Mainly comedy; I like it acerbic and dry (i.e. Louis C.K.) or wild and fanciful (i.e. Mighty Boosh)

I am a complete newbie to this whole thing but I'm loving finding out. I may make errors along the way. Please correct me if I do but also please play nice.
Lu x
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